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Incense Multi Pack - 12 Pack Bundle -

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Satya incense sticks are one of the most popular ranges of incense, having numerous scents available to suit all. Each  box contains 12 incense sticks and each stick will burn for approximately 20-30 minutes filling your home with beautiful scents. 
Burning incense can help promote clear thinking and develop a state of complete awareness. Monks recognised this benefit during their meditation to clear the air as well as their thoughts.
The many botanical scents of incense can transport your mind away to a tropical island, rainforest or any other earthly heaven enabling you to get your creative juices flowing from the comfort of your own home.
It is said that incense increases positive energy and drives away negative energy. The pure air is like health food for the brain and the body resulting in an increased motivation and energy level.
Always place burn stick on a flame proof surface keep out of reach of children.

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