Money For Nothing

I bet you are thinking that the concept of getting money for nothing is simply unobtainable. Well, I believe it depends upon you. Money For Nothing is actually a program on television (BBC One) which is hosted by the talented entrepreneur Sarah Moore. This show illustrates the ability to recycle everyday items that you can find in your home today. You can rejuvenate them or even upcycle them into new and fabulous household items giving them a new purpose or lease of life.  

If you have seen this show before you will know that it usually starts off with Sarah at the rubbish tip waiting for the general public to bring their unwanted and sometimes unusual items to recycle or simply throw away. She speaks with people who kindly let her take some of their unwanted items and then she cleverly upcycles them herself or passes them to creative designers to work their magic.

One of my favorite designers is Zoe Murphy who's ethos is 'love what belongs to you'. Zoe brings new life into mid century furniture with bright and colourful prints. Another one of my favorites is Jay Blades who has now appeared on a number of shows surrounding recycling and creative artisans. Jay is known as a colour wizard. He restores pieces in his own and distinctive style.

When the designers finish reviving the items Sarah then markets them and often successfully sells them at a profit. She then visits those who initially donated the items and lets them see their unwanted items turned into treasures. The best part of it is, they are then given the profit which sometimes is several hundred pounds. Now that really is money for nothing!

This program and others alike get me excited! It makes me start trawling through the local Facebook groups searching for unwanted homeware and furniture for free. I also go on ebay where you can find so many local things at bargain prices. I have been known to buy a few bits and bring them back to life with a bit of left over paint from the shed that I forgot I even had. I have even made a profit!. Granted it was not enough to enable me to leave my 9-5 job but never the less it was a profit.

It is not until you start working on an piece of furniture that you begin to appreciate how much elbow grease goes into making an old piece look like new again. But trust me, it is well worth it in the end.

If you are thinking of trying your own recycling or upcycling project then my advice would be is to just have a go. There is plenty of inspiration out there, you just have to look. I suggest you go on YouTube and/or Pinterst where you will find loads of easy and fun ideas.



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